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Basso wades into the social justice pool with "A CALL TO ACTION"

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Reid Martin Basso's fifth advance single, "A CALL TO ACTION" from his forthcoming album 'SALT AND LIGHT: A SONGBOOK' premiers on Wednesday, July 29th.

Original debut date was supposed to be a Fourth of July release. Distribution problems resulting from #Covid19 threw a glitch into the release calendar of music distributor CDBaby. Yesterday Records, LLC (and music publisher UpStaged Music Publishing) procured CDBaby for all online and in-store music distribution.

A CALL TO ACTION, a socio-political siren song, leaves interpretation of Basso's "message" subjectively ambiguous. The track is being released in two initial versions. The 7/29 single debut will be an unplugged version with voice and two acoustic guitars.

The full orchestration will appear on SALT AND LIGHT. The piece calls into focus the tumultuous times in which America -and the world- now finds itself.

For more information on RMB, Yesterday Records, LLC and UpStaged Music Publishing, troll all of the usual social media platforms (YouTube, Insta, Twitter, FB, HubPages, et al). Also check out and .

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