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New cover art arrives; Next RMB single "YesterNights" preps for 2/29 LeapDay release.

Updated: Feb 27, 2020


The buzz around Yesterday Records lately has not only been about Reid Martin Basso's new project SALT AND LIGHT: A SONGBOOK, but also about a prospective "reboot" of a past creative partnership between Basso and a still unnamed fellow creator.

In a tip-of-the-hat back to Max Sylvester's underground cult hit STAG (2012), the cover art for "YesterNights," the second of four advance singles to be released by June 1st, is a behind-the-scenes still photograph of Basso in character as Sylvester's nefarious 1950's pornographer, "Brinks."

The extent of the renewed re-connect of Basso and Brinks has fueled speculation as to what a potential artistic reconnect between Sylvester and Basso might entail. Aside from fan speculation and rumor mill gossip, no official statements are being made at this time.

UpStaged Publishing, the music publishing division of Yesterday Records, began its debut rollout of Reid Martin Basso's SALT AND LIGHT: A SONGBOOK on Jan. 30, 2020 with the unplugged (acoustic) single, "Someday Mess."

"YesterNights" Basso's second single will drop on 2/29/2020, or, "Leap Day." Leap Day is a once every four year occurrence in "Leap Year" where the calendar's shortest month gains an extra day for cosmic accounting and timekeeping purposes.

SALT AND LIGHT's release had initially been planned for September 11, 2020. Following the response to Someday Mess however the release date was moved up to July 4, 2020.

The remaining singles scheduled for advance release are:

* "YesterNight" (2-29-2020)

* "Joy (And Just A Little Bit of Sorrow)" (4-16-2020)

* "Smile" (6-1-2020)

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