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detsky mir project



DETSKY MIR PROJECT, a retro "new wave" ensemble, was begun in 1989 and existed in one form or another to 2019. Through its many starts and stops, 2019 served to both commemorate the journey, and conclude, the thirty-year musical trek.

The initial project lasted from 1989, until 1992. Originally named simply "DETSKY MIR" in their early days, the band's titling was born out of Russian slang for "it's a child's world."


Founded by singer/lyricist Reid Martin Basso, the project routinely drew upon different artistic contributors to encapsulate Basso’s unique creative vision. In the early days, DMP was accompanied by live support musicians, guest musical performers, high school and college fans, and others at their live shows. Though his ensemble had various personnel makeup’s through the years, Basso largely collaborated with synth programmer Sid Maestre. 


In 2007, Basso and Maestre reconnected via social media. The two discussed how DMP's old '80s/'90s tunes were long overdue for a more contemporary overhaul and jointly re-imaged their works with a more updated feel.


Almost immediately, DMP's musical layering was infused with female vocals, notably of top-shelf alto Wendy Lynn. Once re-tooled, several individual releases appeared on iTunes, Amazon and other online outlets.

In 2019, Detsky Mir Project concluded its 30-year journey. Preexisting musical distribution deals were cancelled, and, by early 2020 all DMP music titles ceased to be carried on standardized distribution platforms.

With new creative vision and new musical directions bound, Basso formed Yesterday Records, LLC in Nashville. After taking a creative hiatus to focus upon writing and recording, Reid Martin Basso returns to his musical roots in a solo artist capacity with SALT AND LIGHT: A MUSICAL STORYBOOK. Spring 2020 is the target release date.

DMP  Release  Archives

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