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YESTERDAY Records, LLC never accepts unsolicited demos or other such creative works, musical or otherwise, without YESTERDAY Records, LLC first being in possession of the submitting party's signed 'INITIAL SUBMISSION AGREEMENT.'


The INITIAL SUBMISSION AGREEMENT outlines specifics about the submission process, expectations and policies associated with seeking creative representation through YESTERDAY Records, LLC. Further, the INITIAL SUBMISSION AGREEMENT is the initial step in the inquiry/consideration process and must be signed by all involved individuals associated with every/any such unsolicited representation (et al) request.  


To request an INITIAL SUBMISSION AGREEMENT in advance of any and all actual submissions of demos or other such creative works, musical or otherwise, requests can be emailed at to request Yesterday Records's INITIAL SUBMISSION AGREEMENT.


A request for Submission paperwork is a request and in no way guarantees or obligates YESTERDAY Records, LLC to provide/honor such requests, nor does a request in any way guarantee or obligate YESTERDAY Records, LLC to review submission material at all, or respond to, represent, contract, "sign" or in any way commit anything to a requesting party. 

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