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3 New Mixes of Past Tracks & 1 New cut, 'SOMEONE', out 7/22/21

This past Fourth of July extended weekend saw an unexpected rush of activity from Yesterday Records' artist Reid Martin Basso.

Three "alternate versions" of three cuts put out amidst the 2020 lockdown were released: SOMEDAY MESS (2021 full album version) on 7/2, BUT MY NAME IS LAZARUS (2021 live in studio unplugged version) on 7/3 and A CALL TO ACTION (2021 full album version) on 7/4.

Additionally, a new music release, "SOMEONE" was announced and set for release on 7/22/2021. Cover art for the single is here. Photography courtesy of the immensely talented Max Sylvester from the "Brinks" character shoot sessions.

Filmmaker Sylvester created his masterful 1950s-themed indie short STAG in which Basso portrayed a gritty fledgling 1950's pornographer known only as 'Brinks."

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