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'Save A Smile For Me'... FINALLY!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020


Reid Martin Basso's fourth advanced single, "SAVE A SMILE FOR ME" off of his upcoming album "Salt And Light: A Songbook" was delay-released until 13 June 2020.


Originally scheduled for June 1st, RMB's "SAVE A SMILE FOR ME", was delayed in observance of both the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent civil rights uprisings.

Looking ahead to Basso's 5th single...

Coming in July 2020, RMB's fifth advance single, A CALL TO ACTION, was a song he initially wrote a political sonnet in 1992 following the Rodney King riots. For nearly three decades it remained foot-noted on his musical "to do" list.

"I penned A Call To Action as a purposefully ambiguous 'protest' song," Basso notes on his website. "(The song) claims no actual political affiliation one way or another and my lyrics are actually subject to listener interpretation."

Intended for inclusion on Salt And Light as a "bonus track," RMB concluded the eerily timely, if not now prophetic song, needs to be immediately released.

As an advance sampling, UpStaged Music Publishing and Yesterday Records, LLC will be releasing the lyric sheet to A Call To Action on 27 June 2020. Additionally, a surprise announcement will be made at the same time concerning the July 2020 single release of what will be RMB's 5th advance single.

For more information on RMB, Yesterday Records, LLC and UpStaged Music Publishing, troll all of the usual social media platforms (YouTube, Insta, Twitter, FB, HubPages, et al). Also check out and .

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