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Basso rises again with LAZARUS

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Reid Martin Basso's forthcoming single, BUT MY NAME IS LAZARUS, is poised for a 31 October 2020 release date.

Due to the unending, spastic frenzy that now defines 2020, releasing a song about spiritual resurrection, made Halloween a timely, albeit unintended, target date for the oft tongue-in-cheek performer.

"2020 has been a challenge for every single human I know," Basso notes on his website. "2020 has caused me to address some very dark, very personal demons of my own. I'm not 'out of the woods' yet by any stretch; few are..."

"I've not only returned to my core belief in Jesus Christ and His mission, but also have come to acknowledge and appreciate the respective religious views -or lack thereof- concerning others with whom I now come in contact."

"This is the year we have all 'changed' in some way. Every human on Earth has been impacted in some way by 2020. In a way, it has given us all a collective connection... For better or for worse. I suppose it is not so much what "it is" so much as "it is what we each make it... Individual impact contribution to Humanity's greater experience."

Basso concludes:

" In this reality, after much introspection, I see how I am flawed, but I see how in my own 'death', my return to faith has brought me back again... Just like Lazarus."

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