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Covid+Uprising = Release Delay

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

UPDATE... On the numerous inquiries all asking "hey, mates, what gives!? Whaddap with 6/1/20?!" So, as many can note -and have noted to date- June 1st came and went and... NOTHING!

As is now apparent, Yesterday Records, LLC's June 1st release of Reid Martin Basso's 4th advance single, SAVE A SMILE FOR ME is... distinctly NOT out... YET.

After a collective YR office panic attack by noon of 6/1/20, calls were made to distributor, CDBaby. Today we received official notice that *ALL* of CDBaby's distribution talents are delayed up to 15 work days. We have pushed back release of SAVE A SMILE FOR ME now to June 15th, 2020.

the delay is due to the obvious circumstances at hand, as we assumed: the @Covid19 @pandemic, the horrible George Floyd murder, the subsequent societal change protests and uprisings, and CDBaby's staff now on telework-from-home status.

We -of course- understand.

We at Yesterday Records, LLC -and UpStaged Music Publishing (our music publishing division)- express our most sincere condolences to all those affected by all of the turbulence in our midst.

We further send our love, prayers and peaceful thoughts to the @GeorgeFloyd family and loved ones. We send love, prayers and peaceful thoughts to all peace officers, peaceful protesters, and everyone displaced and distraught in these harrowing times.

Be strong. Stay strong. Each life matters and... You reading this now: You. Are. Loved.

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