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New Art! SAVE A SMILE FOR ME Cover-Art Debuts for 6/1 Release

Updated: May 20, 2020

As many might know by now, approximately every six weeks Yesterday Records, LLC and UpStaged Music Publishing release a new Reid Martin Basso single off of his forthcoming 2020 'SALT AND LIGHT' album.

Fresh on the heels of RMB's recent April 16th single, "JOY (AND JUST A LITTLE BIT OF SORROW)," RMB's next cut, "SAVE A SMILE FOR ME", drops June 1st, 2020.

The single's cover art, debuting here, is the latest thematic continuation of his former "Brinks" character, personified in Max Sylvester's indie cult short STAG (2012). As is standard for Basso's 'SALT AND LIGHT' singles, the cover art of production stills from the film has been donated by filmmaker Max Sylvester himself.

In STAG Basso portrays "Brinks", a nefarious 1950's fledgling pornographer. The film tells of wide-eyed U.S. Navy seaman "Danny" trying to find his way back to his family for the holidays. Along his journey home, the young patriot runs in with Brinks, who presents the cash-strapped sailor with an unsavory solution to funding his way home for Christmas.

"When Max gifted Yesterday Records, LLC the Brinks character still for Salt And Light, I was just... thrilled," Basso notes on "Not only are these gorgeous film production stills, but they reminisce a phase of my life when the darkness of 'Brinks' resonated with me. From a creative standpoint, being able to resurrect Brinks allows me to channel a character-driven 'persona' for Salt And Light... Being able to 'Bowie' an album, in character, is... Rare at best."

Launch of the full album will be in December after all of RMB's singles have been released throughout the entirety of 2020. Yes, there will be a few 'extra' tracks included as well on Salt And Light, in addition to polished, live and alternate versions of 2020 releases.

Reid Martin Basso's fourth advance release single, SAVE A SMILE FOR ME, arrives on 6/1/2020, to all of the usual online distribution outlets.

Looking ahead, RMB's next single, "A CALL TO ACTION", drops on 7/4/2020.

... More to follow!

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