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Right on schedule, JOY AND JUST A LITTLE BIT OF SORROW drops today, 4/16/20

Dropping today, "JOY, AND JUST A LITTLE BIT OF SORROW" (#JAJALBOS) is the third single in Reid Martin Basso's 2020 "Salt And Light" songbook series.

With this newest release, Basso tips his hat to fellow Northern California Bay Area native #BillyJoeArmstrong in his newest #GreenDay inspired tribute piece.

"What a time it was -late '80s, early '90s- to be living in the Bay Area and being part of that whole indie music scene," Basso reminisces on his website

"San Jose was the the roaring king. In fact, that whole South Bay/East Bay strip gave 'ol San Francisco a run for its money as the "it place" to be. We'd play gigs and party at The Edge, Cactus, FX, One Step, SJ Oasis, Saint John's... It was crazy."

"Berkeley too... I'd go up there to hook up with 510 gals and end up drunk with (then) unknown "garage bands" like #ToadTheWetSprocket and Green Day... Man, oh man, Billy Joe could drink. Shit, we all could... Good guy, humble. Relatable."

The usual e-distribution outlets are to carry all Yesterday Records, LLC music with currently playing flagship to UpStaged Music Publishing titles.

Direct listening link for JOY AND JUST A LITTLE BIT OF SORROW...


For those who are wanting more Basso music... An early head's up on RMB's next single release, "SAVE A SMILE FOR ME", which drops on June 1st, 2020.

...More to follow!

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